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Dr. Sarah Prater-Manor and Dr. Erin Clifton
Positively Chiropractors

Back Pain

I came to see Dr. Sarah because of severe sciatic pain and lower back pain. I had to limit my running because of the pain, but after a few visits I feel like brand new and have experienced zero pain! Than you Dr. Sarah for changing my Life!

I fractured my 5th lumbar vertebrae in a car accident when I was 17. Basically I’ve had low back pain for 40 years and in recent years the pain has spread to my mid-back and left shoulder and neck. In the 3 ½ months that I’ve been having chiropractic care, ALL pain has gone away. I can hardly believe it. I love Dr. Sarah and Dr. Erin and I’m so thankful they’ve come to Stockbridge!

Thanks so much,
Cindy R.


“Dr. Prater-Manor’s genuine concern for my well-being is evident in the thorough care that she provides. I appreciate the time that she takes to inquire about how I’ve been feeling while, meticulously and systematically, digging for the root cause of any health related issues I might be experiencing. In addition to feeling energized after an adjustment, each appointment is an educational experience. I always leave not only feeling better, but feeling like I’ve learned to care for my health and prevent illness in a new way. It’s clear that she wants the health of her patients to flourish beyond the walls of her practice!”

– Jeff F.

Dr. Sarah and Dr. Erin- I am so glad to be under your care. You have educated me on chiropractic care and general health. You both have a positive energy that makes me feel welcome and cared for. My lower back pain has decreased and I feel more movement in my left leg. Stockbridge is lucky to have you both.

- Becky

A big shout out to Dr. Sarah and Dr. Erin! They are remarkable young women doctors. Dapper Dad and I have been coming since June. We are seeing amazing results. He is no longer dizzy and his posture is much improved. I am no longer in pain and I don’t limp. Love it!

Sterling and MMR


Dr. Sarah Prater-Manor provided adjustments for me during my pregnancy and I couldn’t have been happier. She is not only in tune with what is going on with my body and spine, but she is equally aware of baby and what is best for her during the gestational period. I have been blessed with a pain free, problem free pregnancy and I attribute much of that to chiropractic care. Thank you Sarah, not only for your adjustments, but your knowledge and pre-natal support.

- Kristin W.

“Dr Erin is great! She has been adjusting my son since he was 7 months old and I now wish we would have started at birth. My son has responded very well to the adjustments and I believe is the reason for some of his improved cognitive development as well as some sleep improvements. Dr. Erin is very gentle with my son and makes a point to inform me of the things she is doing with him and why. It is evident that she has a true passion for pediatric chiropractic care and for the overall health and well being of children from birth to adulthood.”

I was brought into the office at 2 months old. I came in due to constant fussiness and reflux that was affecting my daily ability to play and function. After just a few visits I am able to get better sleep and my reflux is gone. I am now a very happy and calm baby and love to play all day!
-C.C.(Submitted by mom)


I have had chronic headaches and migraines for nearly 20 years and have tried everything from hormone therapy to allergy medication to treat them. Shortly after beginning treatment with Dr. Prater-Manor, I noticed a decrease in my headaches and migraines as well as less soreness in my neck and back from the very active lifestyle I lead as a physical education teacher. It has been wonderful to cut down on taking pain medication on a daily basis. Dr. Prater-Manor has a wonderful spirit and I am grateful for her healing hands:)

- K.J.

Prior to chiropractic, I suffered pretty severe low back pain and constant headaches for years. In the 6th month of my most recent pregnancy (October 2011) I noticed all these symptoms had worsened by far. It was very hard to walk without pain in my pelvic and hip area, lower back and neck. Headaches were more consistent all day long, every day. I was told by my primary physician that it was the hormonal changes and increase in blood flow that cause the headaches and joint pains (pelvic, hips, back and neck), that it was all normal due to the increase in size of the baby. I was in so much pain that it was affecting my everyday lifestyle at home and at work.


Dr. Erin Clifton was truly committed to me as her patient and my well-being [and provided] over and above exceptional chiropractic care. I noticed a huge decrease in all the pain I was feeling within the first two weeks of steady adjustments. Adjustments consisted of about 3 per week. The headaches finally STOPPED at that point and I was so relieved. I felt much more relaxed and well rested which really helped with the delivery and post-delivery of the baby in December 2011.

Dr. Clifton is a wonderful healer and educator. I plan to continue care with her, as chiropractic has been a tremendous help for me.

Dr. Sarah and Dr. Erin have created a beautiful model of health for my entire family. Their gentle bedside manner and expansive professional knowledge has led our family into balance and strength. I am confident in saying that, in part, because of the care I received throughout my pregnancy I had a perfectly aligned pelvis and thus a smooth delivery of my daughter. Thank you ladies, for all that you do for our community!