Sugar Sweet Challenge

Welcome! At Positively Chiropractic we know that chiropractic care is a cornerstone of true health, but so is what you eat.  During the holidays we tend to overload on sugary and/or fatty foods which cause a host of health and inflammatory problems.  We created the Sugar Sweet Challenge as a springboard to detoxify our bodies from all of the unhealthy eating patterns we engaged in during the holidays, get us back to eating more wholesome foods, and also as an accountability environment so you have a higher rate of success!  

The following are a list of guidelines and rules that we (the doctors, staff and practice members) stick to for an entire month.


When we say "SUGAR" we mean added sugar, not sugar included in the whole, fresh fruits, raw honey or pure maple sugar.

If it's listed on a nutrition label it counts

There are 4 grams of sugar in every teaspoon

Men are allowed 36 g/day, Women 24g/day and Children 16 g/day

What is included in your sugar count is sugar from dried fruits, breads, dairy products, and fruit juices

DO NOT use sugar substitutes.  The whole point is to practice healthy eating by reducing your reliance on sugar... not merely replacing one crappy substance for another.