History of the Positively Chiropractic Be Fit 5k Fun Run

Positively Chiropractic was founded in 2012, located on the historic town square in the village of Stockbridge, Michigan.  Both Dr. Erin and Dr. Sarah have focused on natural health and healing for well over a decade.  One of the amazing things about being a part of the chiropractic lifestyle is the awareness of what works WITH the body to achieve a higher level of health.  Things like what you are eating, what you are drinking, and how you are moving your body.  These are vital components for our practice members that support their chiropractic care and overall sense of well-being!

Knowing this, and knowing that we all work better if we have team goals (studies have actually shown that you have a greater chance of achieving your goals if you have accountability partners). In 2013 we all set out on the challenge of competing in the local 5k race that occurs during our village festival, A Day In the Village.  We all had so much fun that we committed to doing this every year and sponsored a "Positively Chiropractic" team, consisting of our practice members that wanted to join us by either running or walking.  

Year after year our team kept growing and growing until we essentially had a "Positively Chiropractic" race!  The director contacted us and asked if we would like to spear-head the event going forward and we said "Absolutely"! This year will serve as a HUGE learning experience on how to put together and execute a race, but we have so much support from this wonderful community and so much enthusiasm for this project, that good will prevail :)