Backpack Giveaway

Since 2019, we have partnered with Highest Praise Worship Center to collect school supplies to fill backpacks for students in Pre-K through High School. During the months of July & August backpacks are collected and then given away in the Stockbridge Town Square to students in need. Through the generosity of our community we were able to donate more than 75 backpacks this year! Along with backpacks, several gift cards, and other items are auctioned throughout the day.



Angel Tree

At Positively Chiropractic, we are always looking for ways we can give back to our community! Angel Tree is an annual project through the months of November & December where community members have an opportunity to provide gifts for families who need extra support during the holidays.  Practice members choose an ornament which corresponds with a child to buy gifts for. Wrapped gifts are given to parents or guardians for the child's Christmas. Our goal at Positively Chiropractic is to help support the local community and make sure every kid has gifts under the tree on Christmas morning. 2022 was our biggest year ever- helping 42 local kids and families in the community. 


Hat and Mitten Drive

As parents, we all know how often hats and gloves get lost or misplaced. We also know how important it is for developing kids to have time OUTSIDE, being able to MOVE and PLAY! That's why we collect extra hats and gloves to donate to our local schools. Having extra winter gear on hand ensures that the children in our community stay warm outside. Our annual goal is 150 hats and mittens donated, but we have such a fantastic community that our total has exceeded that every year!


Sugar Sweet Challenge

At Positively Chiropractic we know that chiropractic care is a cornerstone of true health, but so is what you eat.  During the holidays we tend to overload on sugary and/or fatty foods which cause a host of health and inflammatory problems.  We created the Sugar Sweet Challenge as a springboard to detoxify our bodies from all of the unhealthy eating patterns we engaged in during the holidays, get us back to eating more wholesome foods, and also as an accountability environment so you have a higher rate of success!  The following are a list of guidelines and rules that we (the doctors, staff and practice members) stick to for an entire month.


When we say "SUGAR" we mean added sugar, not included in the whole, fresh fruits, raw honey or pure maple sugar. If it's listed on a nutrition label it counts. 

Men are allowed 36 g/day, Women 24g/day and Children 16 g/day 

DO NOT use sugar substitutes. The whole point is to practice healthy eating by reducing your reliance on sugar... not merely replacing one bad substance for another.