New Year New Menu

Menu Ideas week 1 for Sugar Sweet Challenge...

Posted: January 4, 2016
By: Dr Erin Clifton

First of all, switching your diet can be hard.  Hands down, you're going to feel great after the first week.  Why? Because it'll take time for your body to recalibrate to eating a healthier, more wholesome diet with less sugar. 

This is the 3rd year that Dr. Sarah and myself have been doing this so we feel prepared.  However, for our wonderful staff, this is their first year and they are giving it their all and REALLY pushing themselves out of their comfort zone.

The first thing they had to do was to give up soda.  Dr. S and I did a happy dance over this because soda is straight up poison... it has absolutely no health benefit whatsoever and anytime you drink it you are lining the pockets of some overpaid soda tycoon CEO and setting yourself up for a host of future health problems which lines the pockets of other industries...

So, here's some of what we are eating this week

Myranda: bread that's homemade with honey, fresh fruits

Taylor: Black bean veggie burgers and salad

Dr. S: Eggs fried in coconut oil and sauteed veggies, salads with beans and cheese

Dr. E: oatmeal sweetened with frozen strawberries and almond butter, salads with cheese and cashews, lo mein with fresh veggies.